Why do we supplement?

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Why do we supplement?  Better yet, why should we supplement? Well, I have to assume you’re here because you believe on some level that nutrition is important for the human body. In that case, the answer is very simple. The reason we should supplement our diets with vitamins and minerals is that these nutrients are no longer plentiful in our foods. Period. It need not be any more complicated than that.

Our agricultural soils are depleted of vital trace minerals.  If they’re not in the terrain, then they’re not in the plants that grow there. If these minerals are not in the plants, then they’re not in the animals that eat them!   Hence, these minerals are NOT in us!

There is lots of evidence that supports this, but there are a few things that really got my attention many years ago when my wellness journey began. The first was when I learned about Senate Doc 264.. It was originally entitled  “Modern Miracle Men” by Dr. Charles Northen. It was reprinted in Cosmopolitan, June 1936. I actually have that original magazine from a dear friend who’s amazing at finding the most obscure publications.  (Why they printed it in Cosmo would be a great story in itself.)

Senate Document 264 basically states that the soils are depleted of minerals. My oh my, that’s an old document to refer to… but if you ponder it:  Do you really think that our soils have been replenished with all 66 trace minerals over these years? My answer would be no. The standard fertilizer is N-P-K (nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium). This yields more bushels per acre for the farmers, but it’s not replenishing 60 trace minerals to our soils or to our foods. Even if the farmers are adding 10 – 15 minerals, it’s still not enough.

In 1991 at the Rio Earth Summit, the same sentiments were stated. Our agricultural soils are mineral deficient. In addition to that, you need to know that the minerals are not distributed evenly around the earth’s crust. So, for example, one area may have a lot of Selenium in the soil and another may have very low selenium.

You can go to the US Agriculture Department’s website and view the nutrient content of fruits and vegetable from years ago versus more recent measurements. You will find that nutrient values have declined over the years. Some considerably.

I was very influenced by these findings.  In addition to our foods starting out nutritionally weak, there is a great loss of nutrient content in foods between harvest and our dinner table. We harvest products before they are ripe, we freeze them, treat them, process and then transport them – not to mention pesticides. With each step, highly volatile vitamins and minerals are depleted from our foods.

That was enough for me to begin this journey of wellness and answered my question: “why supplement?”  Brilliant Nutrition ~ Youngevity offers all whole food, mineral based nutrition. There are decades of research and study literally poured into each bottle.

It’s brilliant.

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