What is YOUR current health inventory?

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Most of us understand the concept of a baseline: A starting point used for comparison. It’s a logical practice in the sciences and provides a tool for measurable results. It’s also a logical place for you to begin your wellness program.

FIRST: It’s simple. Just download the form and fill out your current health inventory. It’s self-explanatory. However, there is one very important piece of this I must insist on: be honest with yourself! You’re the only one who has to see it so there’s no need to cheat. And know that nothing is insignificant. Write it all down. Document all your aches and pains, tics and strains ~ Dizziness, digestion, emotions and congestion. Establish your personal baseline.

NEXT: Go to our Health Evaluation and walk through the questions.  You will receive a unique nutritional protocol  for your specific health needs. If you have further questions, you can reach out to me at any time by clicking on the Live Chat icon in the lower right corner of this page.

Over these many years I have learned that not everyone is ‘aware’ of their body and how it’s functioning. Sometimes we have ‘lived with’ symptoms for so long, we don’t even notice them or consider them a problem. I want you to really think about this. Think of your body from the top of your head to the tip of your toes. Think of your body from morning to night… and even through the night. How is it feeling? How is it functioning?

There’s a list of common complaints on the form to help you consider the big picture.

Once you’ve completed your current health inventory, put today’s date on it. This list of ‘symptoms’ will serve as your personal baseline.

Of course I’m assuming that you’re wanting to make a change. And that’s very simple to do. Begin taking the Healthy Start Pack right away. Get the 90 essential nutrients in your body. After 30 days, go back to your health inventory and document observations. Note the changes. Then continue on one of the Healthy Start Packs through 90 days and again, document changes in your health on your inventory form. You will see a difference! Often, the improvements happen so gradually, that you’ll forget they were ever a problem – but when you compare to your personal baseline – it’s all there in black and white. No denying the results.

4 Easy Steps:

1- Fill out your Current Healthy Inventory
2- Take the 90 essential nutrients for 90 days (One of Doctor Wallach’s  Healthy Start Packs)
3- Document your results
4- Continue to support your body with Youngevity’s 90 Essential Nutrients daily. For life.

Let us know how you do! It’s 90 for LIFE!