Childrens Essentials

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Pack benefits:
  • All 90 essential nutrients (90forLIFE!)
  • Tastes great
  • Take it once a day and you’re done
  • A must have for today’s children
  • Dose by body weight, not age
In this pack:
  • Ultimate Tangy Tangerine™ - 32 fl oz
  • , EFA Plus - 90 soft gels
  • , Beyond Osteo fx ~ Liquid Calcium - 32 fl oz

Yeah kids!  We love children!  We also know what children love, and it’s not ‘eating well’.  Typical kids in our society are surrounded with choices. As parents, we hope to be their primary influence, however we know that when kids are out from under mom or dad’s embrace, they are met with so many ‘not so healthy’ options….especially food choices!

Even if we bypass the school lunch programs, and make an amazing nutritious sack lunch, we as parents have no control over the trades that go on in the lunchroom. It’s so vital that our children’s bodies have the full spectrum of nutrients. We want to feed their developing minds with healthy information and feed their developing bodies with healthy nutrients.

The Children’s Essentials provide our children with the 90forLIFE! in a unique and agreeable fashion for children. It is dosed for their weight and tastes great ~ two brilliant concepts. Dosing for liquids is 1tsp per 20 lbs.

When your child’s body calls upon nutrients to do its job, they’re all available!

This is the key.

What is the 90forLIFE!?

It’s the 90 essential nutrients your body demands to thrive ~ for LIFE. If 90forLIFE! is in you, then when your body needs nutrients to do its job, they’re all available! This is key.

Remember, these nutrients are no longer in our agricultural soils…

~ so they’re not in the plants that grow there
~ so they’re not in the animals that eat the plants
~ so, ultimately, they’re NOT IN US!

Not until NOW!

Providing our children with this nutritional foundation as they grow and develop is one of the greatest gifts we can give them.

  • Ultimate Tangy Tangerine™ - 32 fl oz

    Ultimate Tangy Tangerine is a whole food liquid supplement containing a wide spectrum of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other important nutrients to help our children maintain good health. It tastes great and does NOT include any artificial sweeteners. This cutting edge product was developed by our exceptional advisory board. Decades of research literally poured into every bottle. Supplement Facts

  • EFA Plus - 90 soft gels

    EFA Plus contains the Essential Fatty Acids.  This includes a supreme balance of Omega 3, 6, and 9 Fatty Acids that are an essential part of all our nutrition plans.  Our painstaking manufacturing process of these liqui-gels assures that these pristine ingredients are never exposed to the air and the destructive effects of oxidation.  EFA Plus proudly carried the IFOS Certification. Supplement Facts

  • Beyond Osteo fx ~ Liquid Calcium - 32 fl oz

    Beyond Osteo fx ~ Liquid Calcium is the final component of the Children’s Essentials, and rounds out the 90 nutrients of 90forLIFE!  This powerful liquid supplement not only provides the recommended dose of calcium per serving, it is also balanced with all the other minerals that enhance the absorption of calcium and vitamin D. Supplement Facts