Does Size REALLY Matter?

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Yes, it does when we’re talking about nutrients and their absorption. Disappointed? Don’t be. Absorption of nutrients is key to ALL body functions. It’s not just about ‘taking’ supplements or eating right. It’s about absorbing the nutrients in them. What good are they if your body can’t use them? Brilliant Nutrition with Youngevity is mineral based nutrition at its best. One of the most notable facts about our trace minerals is the size and absorbability.

Our minerals are all organic, water soluble, plant derived, full spectrum trace minerals. They are suspended in purified water. When particles are suspended in liquid, they are called “colloidal”. These trace mineral colloids are smaller than a red blood cell. Hard to comprehend! 5,000 to 7,000 times smaller! They can be absorbed directly into body tissues – immediately. This is why they are in our skin care products or spritzed on faces for a refreshing, nourishing ‘skin pick me up’. This is why they are the cornerstone, the very foundation of our nutrition line. As soon as you touch them to your mouth, they are instantly absorbed directly into your body tissues, rushing vital minerals to your blood stream for immediate use! A thought: if it takes 26 seconds for the harmful chemicals in your personal care products to reach your bloodstream, wouldn’t it make sense that something good for us can and should be absorbed as readily!?

All of Doctor Wallach’s Youngevity multi vitamin/mineral supplements contain these incredible trace minerals. Every body function requires minerals to perform their job efficiently. Every nutrient you ingest, whether it’s a supplement or a food, requires a mineral cofactorCofactors are compounds required for functionality to do its job. Trace minerals are cofactors for minerals, trace minerals are cofactors for vitamins, trace minerals are cofactors for amino acids and even enzymes. You can read more about how nutrients support each other by clicking here. Ready to get this in your body? Click here

So, does size really matter? Does it really matter if you actually absorb and utilize the nutrients you take?

Yes, it really matters.