We are your Brilliant Nutrition ~ Youngevity Support Team. We’d like to share a bit of our philosophy with you and tell you about these incredible products. Thank you for being here.

Why Supplement?

We need to supplement our diet to avoid nutrient deficiency diseases.  We simply do not get adequate amounts of essential nutrients from our food supply. Modern agricultural practices have caused the minerals to be depleted from our soils. If the minerals are not abundant in the soils, then they are not in the plants. If they are not in the plants, then they are not in the animals that eat them…ultimately – they are not in us.

Nutrient rich soil is essential to grow hardy healthy plants right? A simplistic comparison: What does it take to grow a hardy healthy human?  A nutrient rich ‘bio terrain’.

In addition to our foods starting out nutritionally weak, there is a great loss of nutrient content in foods between harvest and our dinner table. We harvest products before they are ripe, we freeze them, treat them, process and then transport them–not to mention pesticides. With each step, highly volatile vitamins and minerals are depleted from our food.

What makes us unique?

Mineral based nutrition. We know these trace minerals play a very important role in avoiding nutrient deficiency disease. There is only one thing on earth that can convert metallic or heavy metals in the soil into plant derived, bio available minerals. That is obviously, plants. And since our current soils are already depleted, we would have to go back in time when foliage was varied and plentiful.  Back to when soils were not farmed to depletion but abundant with nutrients. If we could gather those plants and draw the bountiful minerals from them, put them in a supplement and get them in our bodies–wow!

Well we’ve done just that! Through a very unique process and from a very special deposit of humic shalehumic shale was created by the composting and compaction of prehistoric plant material over 75 million years ago, we are able to provide you with an exceptional nourishing blend of 90 essential nutrients that we fondly refer to as the 90 for LIFE!

This is mineral based nutrition at its finest.

How do I know what products to take?

The 90 for LIFE! Nutritional supplements offer a solution in a very unique way. The simplest way to determine your personal needs is to take the Health Evaluation at www.brillianteval.com. You will receive a unique outline of the basic nutrients best suited for your body.  By taking your recommended supplements, you are giving your body 90 essential nutrients plus a powerful antioxidant boost. These 90 essential nutrients provide nutritional support for your whole body, making nutrients available to your body when it calls upon them to do its job!  This is your starting point. This is what Dr. Joel Wallach, our founder and primary formulator, will always recommend as a starting point!

All dosages are based on weight, so they are completely customizable.

Once you choose your 90 for LIFE! Nutritional Protocol, we encourage you to fill out the health inventory to privately monitor your progress. We call it the 90 for LIFE ~ 90 Day Challenge! Take the 90 nutrients for 90 days and decide for yourself. It’s our belief you’ll want to continue on the 90 for LIFE! ~ FOR LIFE!

Decide to change. Start by finding the product packs that provide what your body needs.